Week 12 – Blurred vision = Blurred results (Cause and effect)

For every effect there is a definite cause.  In the way we know there is bad means we know there must also be good.  If the results you are getting are not what you want, then look at the cause.  This will always come from within.

What are you focussing on?

laser focus

Success or failure

Good or bad

Right or wrong

Happy or sad

Truth or lies

Real or fake

Clear or fuzzy

Focus or blurry

Winner or Loser

Cause and effect

In life, there are people who see things negatively and others who see things positively. Some people are pessimistic and others are optimistic.

Perspectives are so powerful because perspectives are really ‘pictures’ shown as ‘images’ on the screen of our minds.

But, what makes a winner and what makes a loser?

As I continue to study the mind, human psychology, personal development and through the work with the master keys mastermind alliance, I am forever fascinated by what makes some people more successful than others, what makes winners and losers.  I continue to question what did all the great avatars, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, poets, inventors all have in common?

The Master Keys system is but one area of study that could definitely give us this knowledge, it’s true, and it can give us all the principles we need that could very easily make anyone a winner – but only IF the principles are actively ‘applied’ and repeated with practise. However, in order to be a winner, “you must first have the knowledge of the power within you, second the courage to dare, and third, the faith to do.

Knowledge alone does NOT apply itself.  We must actively seek to apply the knowledge which consists of fertilising our thoughts with a living purpose.  What we are here to achieve?  What’s our purpose?

In order to lead effectively, we must first learn how to apply knowledge and the application will help us to be a great leader.  That doesn’t mean a leader of others per say, it is to be a role model by leading yourself first.



A winners image absolutely always comes from WITHIN and winning results are achieved by applying the seven different laws of the mind, but the vision we want to hold in view in the creative eye of our mind has to be IN FOCUS.




When you look through the viewfinder of a camera and find that the object isn’t focused properly, the image will be blurred, vague and indistinct.


laser focus


When you focus correctly towards the target of what you want to achieve, the image becomes clear and distinct, which is mastered by the power of concentration (not an easy feat for someone who relaxes by doing)!

Unless we concentrate and focus clearly on the object which we have in view (our goals and purpose in life), we get a hazy, indifferent, vague, indistinct and blurred image of our IDEAL and the RESULTS will be in accordance with our mental pictures.


Think of your house, you will immediately bring to view a picture of your home and the way it is decorated etc.

If I ask you to think of your car, you can easily bring to your mind a picture of your car, it’s colour etc.  If I ask you to think of an elephant, you immediately bring to view an image of an elephant.

But, if I ask you to think of your mind, you are more than likely going to bring to view a picture of a brain, but this is not your mind.

mindYou cannot actually SEE your mind, and because it’s often referred to as our ‘higher self’ and spiritual therefore in nature, many people, I have found, aren’t interested in exploring about their own minds but are actually very quick to shun those who do.  It’s normally due to ignorance and probably also trying to protect themselves. Knowledge is power if it is applied correctly.

I have found that the vast majority of people actually prefer to live their lives with their current results yet continue to moan about their lack and limitations in what they don’t like, what they haven’t got, what isn’t working and ridiculing others who try, yet doing little or nothing to explore the cause of their results, which always goes back to THOUGHT.  Thoughts are held in your MIND, NOT your brain.  There is a huge difference and all the reservoirs of untapped hidden potential are locked away deep within these reservoirs, if you dare to find them and to step into your winners image.

Our minds are persistently sending us stimulating and upbeat messages to our consciousness, messages that are meant to protect our integrity and wholeness as creative beings.  “You can’t do that, you might get laughed at”.  “You won’t be able to do this in case you fail”.   “Your face isn’t good enough”.  ” Your hair isn’t long enough”.  Blah Blah Blah

This is focussing on FACTS which we use as ‘justifications’ why we don’t take steps forward to become a winner.  They are our old blueprints, keeping us stuck.

Messages coming from the heart always have a complete disregard for FACTS or surrounding circumstances in our lives.

Unfortunately, about 99% of of 100 people misread the signals they are constantly receiving.  Rather than VIEW these images with their inner eye of understanding, and seeing them as truly unique pictures that are packed with power, possibility and promise, the images are considered idle wishes, ridiculous fantasies, or daydreams.

The ability to bring images of the results we want into view, must use our creative mind.  It takes hard work, practise, patience and determination but only winners will make it work through hard work, persistence, determination and to surrender from the old blueprints that have hardened like cement.  Winners will slowly chip away at the cement to free themselves to be the person they want to be.

The results we get in our lives are directly attributed to the law of Cause and Effect.

sadEFFECTS are RESULTS and the CAUSE of the results lie in our thoughts, which includes:  a crappy job, bad relationship, unhealthy body, sickness, stress, money problems, debt, lack and limitation.

THOUGHT brings us the things we think about and actually brings them nearer, yet we find it difficult to banish FEAR, ANXIETY or DISCOURAGEMENT, all of which are powerful thought forces, and are continually sending the things we desire further away, which often makes it feel like we are taking one step forward and two steps backward.

beachIf we look for the TRUTH, however, we can easily become a WINNER which involves changing the image we hold in our mind of the person we want to become therefore changing the blurred vision and blurred results into crystal clear images of the person we intend to become, and the results we want.

FACTS have never stood in the way of a WINNER.  The FACTS are just old blueprints, keeping us stuck.  The WINNER is the dreamer who understands how to turn their dreams into reality and, in doing so, they create a better, more beautiful world for everyone.

“Don’t give me the facts, give me the truth.  The facts are always changing”

Patricia Shambrook

As we move into the Christmas holiday period, I wish everyone a peaceful time with your family and friends and sending love and hope for your winning year in 2015.

candleachievers 1


7 thoughts on “Week 12 – Blurred vision = Blurred results (Cause and effect)

  1. Hi Deborah, I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. God bless you on your journey. Please read my poems I wrote in my blog Week 11 and give me your feedback if you so desire. Thank you.


  2. Th e”Blog Roll” sent me.
    I notice this is week 12.
    Are you having conflicts in keeping the weekly pace?
    I have observed several feel overwhelmed.
    My observation over past 55 years of following The Master Key and similar exercises is focusing on the Main Thing (YOU) is more important than doing all the “details”
    From what I read, looks like you have you n good position.
    Contact me if you ever want to chat about the joyful life offered through following the principles of Haanel, Hill and Marden


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