Week 14 – You are your greatest asset

YOU are your greatest asset and natures greatest miracle.

baby in womb

Since the beginning of mankind, there has never been another individual with your mind, your heart, your eyes, your hands, your hair, your mouth, your DNA.    Nobody before you, nobody who lives today and nobody who will come tomorrow has the ability to walk and to talk, to move and the think exactly like you.

Even identical twins are born with their own unique blueprint that has never, is never or will ever be repeated…

You are UNIQUE and you are nature’s greatest miracle.

Most of us never take time to acknowledge this and instead of embracing their uniqueness, choose to be like everyone else.

You have been conditioned to feel inadequate and not good enough and often think that if “I only learn this, or do that, then I will have true value, happiness and my life will have meaning”.

Sadly cultures and societies focus so much on improving what is wrong and trying to get better at that, so much so that we don’t even notice the unique opportunities and resources of talent what we have within us.

Although you are part of the animal kingdom, animal rewards will never satisfy you because within you, burns a flame, passed from generations and it’s heat will become a constant irritation to your spirit, spurring you to become better than you are.

This flame could be a flame of dissatisfaction or satisfaction, the choice is yours.

We all must learn how to fan the flame of dissatisfaction and state our uniqueness to the world. Let’s face it, there is no-one who can duplicate your handwriting, produce a child like yours, think like you and, in truth, nobody has the ability to sell like you can.

You are all selling yourself every single day, in every activity you perform, if not to someone in a general conversation, it might be with someone you know, in a meeting, a new encounter, a sales conversation with a buyer, with your loved ones, your partners, your children, and most important of all, you are selling information to yourself every minute of every day.

So, how much of this selling are you buying? How much CRAP have you got stored away inside of you?

It is time to capitalize on your uniqueness and differences, because this is your greatest asset to be promoted.

You are natures’ greatest miracle – a unique creature of nature.

You are RARE and there is great value in rarity, therefore you are VALUABLE, you are the end product of thousands of years of evolution and therefore better equipped in both mind and body than anyone who has come before you.

If you don’t use your unique set of skills, your mind, your heart and your body, it will rot, stagnate and die if you buy into the ‘sales’ you sell to yourself, the stories you sell that you “aren’t good enough”. Take time to put your uniqueness to proper use.

The majority of people become masters at wasting our inner resources, inner potential, dreams and ideas of inspired thought by repressing and ignoring them in the process of sticking to our addictive behaviour of conforming ourselves to “normal”, selling to ourselves a life of mediocrity.

We are using only a small proportion of our brains and flexing only a paltry amount of muscles. We can all increase this a hundred times more from the accomplishments of yesterday, once we make a decision to do so.
Are you satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments, choices and decisions or are they, in reality, too small to even acknowledge? Can you accomplish even more? Is there more potential within you?

You can accomplish far more than you have now.

Why should a miracle end with your birth?

Why not extend this miracle to the actions and choices of today?

As a strengths coach consultant, it is my mission to help individuals, leaders and teams to unlock their inner talents and resources, which allows them to use their natural talents every day in order to achieve fulfillment.


From a strengths-based perspective, there are 34 talents locked up inside of us, some are dominant, some supporting and some lesser talents (notice, I didn’t say weaknesses).

When we focus on and invest in our dominant and supporting talents, it’s like taking something that is already great and turning it into something that is powerful and purposeful beyond measure.

When you, your manager, your organisation attempts to get you to focus and invest your time, effort and energy and money into training, trying to get you to become better at your lesser talents, it’s like taking something that is poor or below average and turning it into something that is socially accepted of the ‘norm’ or hopefully to get, at best, an acceptable ‘average’ performance from you.  This will not bring you fulfillment and in fact will bring you quite the opposite.

By accepting this improvement method as the conventional way that most of our organisations, education systems, cultures and society adopts, by doing so, you are always ever going to focus on “never being good enough”

As an example, my “Connectedness” talent (my number 2 dominant talent) and the one, I believe that is the part of me that regularly shows up in my life, allowing me to realise that I was not put on this earth by chance and that I am here to fulfil a purpose. This purpose is to not only for me to grow into a mountain myself, but to connect with others, helping others to grow into a mountain too, and not to shrink into a grain of sand.

By AIMING your unique gifts and talents, and deciding to make a choice to CLAIM them as yours, you will then be putting all your efforts into becoming the highest mountain you were put on this earth to be and you will find fulfilment.

I also know that the “Achiever” in me (my number 4 dominant talent) along with my number 1 talent of “learner” and number 5 of “Maximiser” work meticulously together to help me to become the highest mountain by connecting with others, so that I can continue doing the work I love which will continue to encourage me, and will continue to strain my potential even until it cries for mercy. This is the law of growth and with all growth, comes growing pains.

fearTrying to be normal by doing things you don’t enjoy, but feel you have to do, is like putting you into a straight jacket or a working cubicle, leaving you powerless, unhappy and unfulfilled.

For every ‘effect’ there is a ‘cause’ and when you choose ‘normal’ you are choosing to accept inertia & procrastination into your existence by ignoring your SELF and your passions?




To free yourself from stagnation, disintegration, rot and depression, you have to start doing NOW what you LOVE to do, otherwise your true skills and talents will stay in your future FOREVER.

There’s more to come in my next blog post on this.



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