Week 17 – A Perfect Day

perfect day

I remember watching the film – About time – which talks about the idea that if you had all the CHOICES in the world, how would you spend your time?  What kind of a day would you have?

Here’s a clip

The concept of the film was that the men in the family could travel back in time – how cool would that be?  To travel back and to do things you would do differently if you had the chance?    

I looked at the feedback on one of the film reviews which sums my thoughts up precicely.

Someone said that “it must’ve been a real gamble to pitch this kind of idea and that the actors did a great job taking us through a full spectrum of emotions without overly emphasizing them”

And continued “For instance, laughing much more than when watching a typical sugar coated comedy-film and especially loving that the humor wasn’t so “in your face” but instead was, so ‘visible’ between the lines. About Time was also sad which is of course a crucial part of life unfortunately but mainly it had a feeling of contentment that then radiated in me. The movie, ironically, was the best depiction of everyday life I can remember. It was a real pleasure to see the subtleties in it, if you will.  Might you end up just spending it exactly the way you are already, through choice rather through trudge and necessity?”

I loved the thought of writing this week abour the joy of ‘normality’ and the joy that is everywhere if we take off the filter we are currently looking through the world and see what else there is – the ‘subtleties’ that are everywhere….

Could we be trapped in a career we hate, a relationship we hate, an environment or home we hate, a body we hate?  Are the results we are getting the results we really want?

Do we live in the moment and enjoy what is NOW, what is normal and experience the beauty that is all around us or do we trudge on doing the same things without even realising that we are missing a whole new experience, a whole new perspective, a whole new filter of the world and one that is right before our eyes?

Our perfect day can be made up of a perfect second, a perfect minute, a perfect hour, a perfect 24 hours if we CHOOSE it to be a perfect day.

Very often the majority of people in the world today, carry mis-guided perceptions that challenges, obstacles, set-backs, breakdowns, problems….. that they all seem so unfair, cruel, imperfect, bad…………because, as they see it through their own filters, they are often the things that carry with it, disappointment, misery, regret, remorse, guilt, hopelessness, grief, saddness…………YET………there is always another way to look at everything, because the law of polarity (one of the 7 laws of the mind) states, everything in the universe has it’s opposite.  Think about it…….there would be no inside to a room without an outside.  No up if no down.  No right, if no left.  No front if no back.  How would you know a good pay cheque from a bad pay cheque. There is a top to this blog and a bottom to the blog.

Every up has a down and every down has an up.

The law of polarity not only states that EVERYTHING has an opposite…..it is equal and opposite.  If it was 3 feet from the floor up to the table, it woudl be 3 feet from the table down to the floor.  If 150 miles from Manchester to London, by law, it must be 150 miles from London to Manchester.  It couldn’t be any other way.

If something you considered bad, happens in your life, there has to be something good about it too.

If it was only a little bad, when you mentally work your way around to the other side, you will find it will only be a little good.

Constantly look for the good in people’s situations.  People love compliments and a positive idea in your mind makes you feel good.

Remember a good idea = positive thoughts, good vibrations and positive outcomes.

A bad idea = negative thoughts, bad vibrations and bad outcomes.

My ‘connectedness’ is my number 2 strength and I am constantly connecting to the good as it never lets me down.

Look for what’s good about you instead of focussing on whats bad, because what we focus on, we attract.

What we sow, we reap.

perfect day rudyard kipling

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One thought on “Week 17 – A Perfect Day

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog Deborah – the video trailer clip was so appropriate – living in the moment! And the Law of Polarity – everything has an opposite, so choose the appropriate end of the polarity pole!! Great blog – thanks for blogginh!!


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