Week 18 – The happiness advantage – Serotonin and the Dopamines


These two kids on the block are responsible for all the happiness you could ever wish for….. they are FREE and can be produced ON DEMAND……..but how can we get on the tour bus with them?

Before I begin……..I’d love for you to pause for just one moment and take a journey back in time to the day you were born (imagine that day) as if you were back there right now.  You came into this world as a fearless risk-taker, naked and without limitations, full of curiosity. You are your greatest asset, a unique, rare and valuable individual.  No-one has ever been like you, no-one is like you today and there is no-one who will ever be like you in the future.

Use the strengths you were born with to help you to increase your happiness levels.


It’s a scientific FACT that people who are happy perform better in:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Acquaintances
  • Health
  • Social groups
  • Friendships
  • Better secure jobs
  • Keeping your job
  • Superior productivity
  • More resilient
  • Less burned out
  • Less turnover of staff
  • Greater sales

In everything……..

It’s not so easy to find happiness though and it’s certainly not going to come from the world without.


Happiness always comes from the world within.

It’s an inside job.
The natural law of cause and effect (every cause has it’s effect; every effect, has it’s cause and there is no such thing as chance) and the law of polarity (everything has it’s opposite, i.e. there is no happiness without sadness, good without bad etc).

The FIVE things that can create happiness within are:

  • Gratitude  ( Giving and writing down 3 things every day that you are grateful for.  After just 21 days, your brain will be re-wired to scan the world and look for positives as opposed to negatives)
  • Random acts of Kindness ( Observe kindness in others, be kind to others and adopt a kindness attitude.  Again, after 21 days, your brain will be re-wired to kind thoughts and kind deeds.  It opens an ‘in-box’ to praising others so we can reverse the negative formula)  Kindness ignites dopamine in our brain and makes us feel happy.
  • Exercise ( This teaches the brain that your behaviour matters and your body will thank you for it )
  •  Meditation ( Daily switichg off from the outside world, if even for 15 minutes a day, allows the brain to get over the cultural ADHD that we’ve been creating to try to do multiple tasks at once.  Meditation allows us to focus on the most important task in hand )
  • Journaling ( Every day, writing down and re-living one positive moment or experience.  By writing it down, it allows your brain to re-live the experience over again and strengthens new neurological pathways in the brain until they become the ‘norm’ )

dopamine 1These daily routines will give you a natural form of medicine which is automatically produced in our bodies – DOPAMINE – a chemical which the body produces when in a positive mood and it literally floods into the body, turning on all the LEARNING centres in your brain, allowing you to adapt to the world in a different way.

These small changes have a large ripple effect outwards in your life creating lasting positive change.

They are effective ways you can train your brain to become more positive.  There is scientific evidence to show that you can be 37% more effective when you are happy and positive.  Life in general is just much better when we are happy.

Most people think in reverse and think of happiness coming from the world without…..(the world outside of you)

What do I mean?

I mean, you think, you’ll be happy when…..

  • I get my debt paid off
  • I get that promotion
  • When I lose weight
  • When I get a better relationship
  • When I move house
  • Once I have a holiday
  • When I have more money

All these things will NEVER bring you happiness.  Here’s how….

If happiness always comes BEYOND success, then once you acquire these things, you might feel successful, temporarily, I support that, but soon you will realise that you’re still not really happy, so your success goal posts keep moving, you’re always looking for the next thing to achieve, to be, to do or to have……. and hoping that this might make you happy….. so you seek:

  • the promotion
  • the bigger home
  • the bigger car
  • the new relationship
  • more money

Moving the goal posts have ZERO effect on achieving happiness.

ego 2Here, we see Freud’s theory of our personalities.  When we seek these ‘things’, we are simply letting our EGO call the shots and we actually live in a sort of FEAR because we believe that we will only have power and control and be happy when we have these things and without them, we’re a no-body, we’ve failed, we aren’t worthy, not good enough…….  they are all fear-based.

These ‘things’ don’t give us power at all.

These ‘things’ lie in the world without and they are in fact confirmations…. of …..YOUR…… POWER.

What do I mean?

thought imageI mean…..this power – it’s in us all – we all have within us unlimited reservoirs of untapped potential… and this power comes from the power of THOUGHT.  The ability we have to make CHOICES.  We can decide with our conscious mind which thoughts to allow to pass through to the subconscious mind.  Thouughts become ‘things’ and thoughts become the outcomes and results in our lives.

Think negative thoughts, attract negative outcomes and results into your life.

The law of substitiution means you have the power to decide which thoughts you’re going to entertain and it’s this power of thought that will let you create the conditions that you need (virtually on demand) and effortlessly, once you understand that ‘getting there’, ‘acquiring this or having that’, or ‘achievements’ are NOT your POWER.

Think about it………..anything and everthing that exists in our lives today….. starts with and created from the power of someone’s thought, to create new realities and results that we enjoy in our lives today….  we have light, flight, telephony, cars, homes, buildings, parks, food………everything…… starts with a thought.

The idea that other people can affect us in accomplishing our goals and achieving success is a huge mis-conception.  So, for example, you decide to follow your passion, your dream or set out to achieve something big, and it might not work out quite the way you wanted it to, so you might say; “It was his or her fault”, or “he made me do it”, or “they didn’t help me enough” and worse of all, you give up because you don’t like the feeling of being a failure, you aren’t prepared to face humiliation, rejection, judgement, and the negative outcomes that associate with your negative self-talk…….”I’m not good enough”…………………. all these thoughts mean even though you took action, you weren’t doing it for yourself, you were doing it …….to seek approval…….. and when it didn’t work……you live in FEAR and become ‘controlling’ – you look to blame someone or to give a reason why it didn’t work…..

You are letting your head talk and letting your EGO call the shots.


All CONTROL issues are usually always, fear-based.

Our brains perform better when we think more positively – it’s scientifically proven.

THE GOOD NEWS…….you can definitely reverse the formula when you become positive in the PRESENT – instead of waiting for something to happen in the future….BEFORE….you feel happy.

Stop listening to your ‘head voice’ and start listening to your ‘heart voice’ 

This TED talk by Shawn Anchor – the Happy secret to better work is a talk based on positive pshychology and helps to give more insight, appreciation and understanding to illustrate all the above and how we create our own realities.

Let’s escape the ‘AVERAGE’ trap that we’ve been conditioned to believe is acceptable – it’s been deceiving you all these years – creating OLD conditioningOLD formula’s and OLD blueprints, created by you, and which you have been living your life by.

Instead, create new blueprints for positive, lasting change and create a real revolution and the ahppiness you deserve.

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4 thoughts on “Week 18 – The happiness advantage – Serotonin and the Dopamines

  1. Wonderful blog post summary of this week’s lesson. I really enjoy your writing style, how your words come to life and flow!
    Blessings & Happiness To You, Deborah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, you are right Deborah, happiness is a 100% inside job and you gave the five ingredients of the receipt, from there on, we just have to follow the advice of Art Williams: “Let’s go do it!”. Great post!


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