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Hey there!

My name is Deborah Thompson and I want to begin with a little bit background about me, who I am, who I do my best work with and what I stand for.

I do my best work with men and women who are in good careers but feel trapped in their jobs and yearn to start their own business and break free from the corporate world.  I help them to make this transition easier by cutting through the bewilderment of how to get started and get their first paying clients even before they decide to quit.All my life from being as young as 5 years of age, I can remember making things and selling them, creating something out of nothing and selling it to people who want it, from:
baking cakes,

making candles,

holding jumble sales,

selling everything from garden gnomes, helium balloons, clothes, jewellery, make-up,

setting up an interior design company,

operating a weight management franchise consultancy and

running my own coaching company.

young entrepreneur

I have always had a passion for selling a service or a product but my passion is really in helping others and coaching people to achieve their own goals in life and especially when wanting to start their own business.  It has been a common thread throughout my life and simply is a part of my authentic blueprint.
I fell into the trap (as so many people do) of landing a job which payed quite well, climbing the career ladder, learning heaps and growing and developing, but all the while, knowing deep down that I should be doing something for myself and using the natural gifts and talents to grow my own business.

In my corporate life, developing and helping others to reach their goals, dreams and ambitions has always held a strong passion and purpose for me and from being very small, I was always bringing people together to start projects within the community, from offering gardening services, cleaning cars, or some other entrepreneurial project. I always encouraged others to use their strengths and have continued to motivate, support and encourage in all my career roles.

I know without doubt that I have been called to coach and especially to help people in business and to start their own businesses.  I get immense satisfaction and fulfilment from contributing and giving back whilst learning and mastering my craft to become the best I can be for the people I serve.

coaching   strengthscoaching

I came across Gallup Strengths finder in the first quarter of 2014 and have found by using it, both for myself and in the work I do with my clients, it is having a massive impact in helping people to make decisions easier by connecting them to their natural talents and strengths.  Identifying and using your strengths doesn’t come easy for many people and often we are conditioned to focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths, which just doesn’t make sense.  Why would anyone want to improve a weakness when they could improve a strength?

Take school, you weren’t very good at math, but you were excellent at art. Your parents or teachers might have pushed you to become better at math, assuming it would stand you better to get a good job, so you neglected your talent in art and pursued something to take you from poor, to perhaps mediocre or maybe half decent, then you go on to yearn for your creativity to be used and you feel trapped and know something is missing.

I wonder what your story would have been if you were given access to learn about your natural strengths and how you could use these in your life as opposed to trying to create something that you’re not then feeling disconnected?

Never give up on your dream.



My dream is to help as many people as I can to break free from the corporate world and to build their own businesses by using their natural strengths and talents.

My other mission is to tap into the hearts and minds of organisations to show leaders, managers and teams how to use their greatest assests for more engagement and job fulfillment instead of focussing on what isn’t good or what’s not working.

Once people become aware of their strengths and understand and appreciate that they are different from everyone elses, amazing results start to take place. Relationships blossom and fulfillment is the destination.

My dream is to make your dreams become a reality.




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