Week 11 – Persist until you succeed

It’s a short post this week.  It’s all about PERSISTENCE to ACCOMPLISH your goals in life.

persistence 1 (19)

Even though it’s later than I had intended, to get through this 28 week MKMMA challenge, I made a commitment to continue to write a blog post each week, amongst all the other work which continues to push me out my comfort zone, so as Og Mandino prescribes:




“I was not delivered into this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins.  I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd.  I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep.  I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious.  Let them join the sheep.  The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny” 

“I will persist until I succeed”

“Always taking another step closer.  If that is to no avail, I will take another, and yet another.  In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult”

one step at a time (6)

And…. persistence will ALWAYS win persistence 2 (19)

determination (19)


Week 10 – The New Year – NEW YOU 7 DAY DIET

old and new

Out with the OLD – In with the NEW

Most people are probably already subconsciously gearing up for their annual New Year Diet, following a month of over-consumption and hoping yet again to finally get their bodies into their jeans or hoping for a body that isn’t going to be hiding again behind more baggy clothes next year, but finding themselves failing again at the first hurdle.  WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN…….and why do people keep doing the same old things but expecting some miraculous new result, without changing what really needs to change? 


I always used to wonder why so many people give up so very easily on their goals and I have probably spent the last decade or more in studying and trying to figure out and understand the way the human brain works and human psychology.  My curiosity continues to lead me to some very interesting people, places and areas of study…. But all my learning and understanding, skills, qualifications and experience is only ever as good as putting it all into practise myself, and it’s the practise that gets new results, but practise with persistence to keep going even when things get tough.

As a Strengths Coach, my ‘LEARNER’ is my number 1 strength, and it helps me to figure out success strategies and it doesn’t allow me to ever stop learning so I keep digging and I dig really deep until I find the golden nuggets.  My ‘achiever’ strength keeps ‘doing’ until I get it right.  I love these theme combinations.

The benefits of being in a mastermind community like MKMMA is being part of a community of people who really support each other and hold each other accountable for their actions.  The support network is absolutely pivotal and a critical component of success in any success strategy, and is one of the key steps in a 4-step formula.


I believe there are many reasons why people give up on their goals (including lots and lots of excuses).  It’s often because one of the pieces for the strategy of success is missing and having one of the 4 steps missing is often a major cause of the problem.

I also believe that often the goal itself is to ‘avoid’ something ‘external’ as opposed to ‘gaining’ something ‘internal’.

AVOID or GAIN (we all can choose)


In respect of being overweight and the goal of losing weight for example, apart from the fact that no-one really likes to ‘lose’ anything and will often go looking for it again, the real reason behind this goal is often to avoid something painful, i.e. avoid being judged by others and the humiliation this can cause, avoid lacking in confidence, avoid a medical condition from starting, avoid feeling guilty, avoid the ridicule of a partner or loved one, avoid the feeling of embarrassment on airplanes, avoid feeling unhappy and a whole lot more avoidance motivators.


Instead of avoiding, what would it be like to think of what you could gain instead, i.e. gain self-confidence, gain self-esteem, gain greater health, gain better relationships with others and with self, gain a greater social life, gain more intimate relationships, gain control and power over your decisions and choices, gain a good LIFE.

HABITS – Are you a slave to good habits or a slave to bad habits?  

Is your goal a vague wish, a desire or a burning desire?


The other big reason why many people fail to accomplish their goals is down to developing BAD HABITS and repeatedly practising them until the habit is formed.  In order to form a new habit, you have to be a slave to good habits and a new habit takes on average 30 days to change, working at it persistently every day.

Good habits are the key to all success, bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. Form good habits and become their slaves, because ANY act, with practise becomes easy and a new and good habit is born.  When an act becomes easy through constant repetition, it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is human nature to perform it often.  When you perform it often, it becomes a habit and you become it’s slave and since it is a GOOD HABIT, then this will achieve your goal.


Something powerful happens when you exercise – and I’m not just talking about ‘physical’ exercise, but I’m also talking about ‘mental’ exercise.  Most people focus on ‘physical’ exercise alone but fail to ever invest any effort into ‘mental’ exercise.  When everything begins internally, by a thought, you would think more people would look inwardly, but it’s by far tougher than focussing on something externally, which is probably why many people fail to accomplish their goals in life.

Not only does exercise make you feel great (after the initial burn that is), but it also makes you generate more power in your body.  There is even more untapped power locked in our minds and when we unlock the power within us, the combination is electric.

This week, I have seen me exercising both my body and my mind with more effort than before and I have astounded myself.  I have achieved more in a week than I ever thought possible.  I have generated more work in my business, I have stayed more focussed on my tasks, I have kept on top of mundane tasks that I would normally put off, I have finished my xmas shopping earlier, I have avoided the distraction of meaningless activities that don’t help take me closer to my goals and I have started business planning for next year.

The 4 – Step Success Formula

Of course, there is a lot more to this formula than simply words, but the steps to success are:

Having a DMP (Definite Major Purpose – your goals in life) + PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) + POA (Plan of Action) + MMA (Mastermind Alliance) = SUCCESS


never give up

All of these together, create new neurological pathways in your brain to trigger new psychological triggers that will form new habits.  If you miss one out, the chain will break.

 7 DAY MENTAL DIET (Emmet Fox)

To strengthen your PMA (Positive mental attitude), involves making up your mind to devote ONE WEEK solely to the task of going on a 7 day mental diet (tougher than any physical exercise) and building a new habit of positive thought.  During that week, let everything in life be unimportant as compared with that.  Emmet says, ‘If you can accomplish this, your week will be the most significant week in your life.  Your life might even change’.

When you apply this mental diet, you DO NOT have to change your conditions, the conditions will change spontaneously as a result.

So…….the prescription is:  For seven days, you must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.  You must observe yourself for a whole week as a cat watches a mouse and you must not under any circumstances allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic or kind.

This includes negative Facebook messages which you see people posting all the time, giving negative opinions on this or that.

This discipline will be so strenuous that it outweighs ANY kind of physical exercise. If you make a false start or even if you do well for 2 or 3 days and then “fall off” the diet, then stop for a few days and start again.  There must be no jumping on and off or saying “I won’t count this one”.  Be true to yourself.

I’m onto round 3 and it’s incredibly challenging – but my number 4 strength (my Achiever) and my number 5 strength (my Maximiser) coupled with my top strength (learner) will make me persist until I succeed.  Thank goodness we all have strengths and natural abilities that help to guide us on our way.

Working on the ‘inside’ is far more fun than working on the ‘outside’ and unlocks much more potential and power to accomplish your goals.

Have fun observing!

Week 9 – What fills your cup of happiness? Let’s break all the rules we learned at school!

The story I’m sharing this week has been adapted from a story that George Reavis
wrote when he was the Assistant Superintendent of the Cincinnati Public Schools in the
1940s and you can find the original Reavis version online.
Many years ago, the animals in the Great Forest decided that they wanted to start a school for all their children.



Until that time, it had been the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the skills they needed to know, but the animals in the Great Forest wanted their children to learn from professional teachers. So they organized a school and hired staff.

animal teacher

The teachers met and decided to provide a standardized educational curriculum to their animal students. So they adopted an activity curriculum consisting of swimming, running, flying, and climbing. All the animals took all the subjects – because it was very important to them that no child be left behind. To ensure that students were progressing satisfactorily, standardized achievement tests were administered to all students.
Here’s what happened.


The ducks were excellent in swimming. In fact, the ducks were better than their teacher. But some of the ducks made only passing grades in flying and all of them were very poor in running. Since they were slow in running, they had to stay
after school for remedial running practice, and they had to drop swimming in order to
practice running during their swimming class time. This was kept up until all the ducks’
webbed feet were very sore. And the ducks were so tired, that soon they were only
average in swimming. But average was acceptable in school, so nobody worried about that – except the ducks.

In running, the rabbits started at the top of the class, but they did very poorly in
swimming. Also, the rabbits insisted on hopping around, and the teachers were concerned about their hyperactivity – so they made the rabbits walk everywhere instead of allowing them to run or hop. And the rabbits had to come in early every day for special swimming class. Many of the younger rabbits developed severe fur problems because they were having to spend so much time in the swimming pool.

squirrel running

squirrels climbing

The squirrels were excellent in climbing and running. In fact, the squirrels were the best students at climbing the standardized tree. But they wanted to fly by first climbing the tree, then spreading their paws, and gliding to the ground. (That’s the way squirrels fly.) But in flying class their teacher made them start on the ground instead of at the treetop, and the squirrels were not mastering the course material. So every day, the squirrels had therapy – a flying therapist took the squirrels into the gym and made them do front-paw exercises to strengthen their muscles so they could learn to fly the right way. The squirrels’ paws hurt so much from this overexertion that some of them only got a C in climbing. Some of the squirrels failed climbing altogether.



The eagles were definitely problem children – in climbing class, the eagles beat all the others to the top of the tree, but they insisted on using their own way to get there and were quite stubborn about it. The eagles said that clearly it was the goal that mattered, and that it was quite right for eagles to get to the treetop by flying.

The school psychologist diagnosed them as having oppositional-defiant disorder. (That’s a real diagnosis that some children are given in school.)

A strict behavior modification plan was developed for the eagles.
We can end this story in two ways.

Sad to say, in some schools, we still make squirrel children try to learn to fly by flapping their paws, and punish eagles for being defiant about their right to be themselves.
But happy to say, in some schools we enjoy all children for themselves.

Each squirrel is a perfectly wonderful squirrel. Each rabbit a lovely rabbit whether or not they choose to hop, or skip, or roll, or walk. Each eagle is allowed to be an eagle; and we encourage each duck to swim and swim and swim and not worry about learning to run.

And the moral of the story is:

Be yourself
When we try to make everybody the same, nobody is happy. People can get hurt and their very best gifts can go to waste.

Every one of us has came into the world as a unique and talented individual, gifted with our own goodie bag of talents and strengths – our own unique blueprint that cannot be found replicated anywhere else on the entire planet.  We are all A-mazing at some things and not so good at other things.  WHY on earth, would anyone try to change a person or make them work on being like everyone else?? (parents, this is you, teachers, this is you, guardians, this is you, friends, this is you and there are more who have influenced you in this life)

As a Strengths Coach, with a passion and life-purpose to unlock the often ‘hidden’ talents in people, my belief is that every one of us has come into the world with a birthright to live a life how WE want to live rather than the way Society, Family, Friends, Partners or anyone else TELL us how we SHOULD live.

This story really has spoken volumes to me this week as I continue on with the MKMMA experience and I wanted to share it as it resonates with the message in the master keys this week:

There are only THREE things which can possibly be desired in the “world without” (our external world) and EACH of them can be found in the “world within” (within us)…  The secret of finding them is simply to apply the proper “mechanism” and attach to it the “power” in which EVERY individual has got access to internally.

The three things everyone wants, which are necessary for the highest expression and complete development are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love

    You will admit that Health is essential – no-one can really be happy if the physical body is in pain.

    Some might not always admit that Wealth is necessary, but all must admit that a sufficient supply at least is necessary, and what’s sufficient for one is considered a painful lack to another.  In the same way that nature has provided not only enough but in abundance, whether wastefully or lavishly, we realise that any lack or limitation is only the limitation which has been made by an artificial method of distribution.

    You will probably admit that Love is the third, or maybe some will say the first essential, necessary to the happiness of mankind.

Those who have found all THREE, Health, Wealth and Love find nothing else which can be added to their cup of happiness.

happy cup

Week 8 – The law of Growth


I relate this week to the LAW OF GROWTH.  All humans, animals, nature and life itself follows this natural law and if something or someone isn’t growing, it’s naturally either wilting, stagnating, disintegrating or dying.

Way back, Socrates told a story as a metaphor and Plato put this story into words as the “Allegory of the Cave” ….AKA ‘Plato’s Cave’

The story has two elements:

1. The fictional metaphor of the prisoners

2. The philosophical views in which the story is supposed to represent, presenting us with the metaphor.

I hope this helps others to understand what I have learned about the Law of Growth.  I use italics to guide the story with the meaning I have attached to it.

Imagine a cave in which prisoners are chained down and forced to look upon the front wall in the darkness of an underground cave

Platos-CaveThey cannot turn their heads to see what goes on behind them.

They can sit, they can stand, they can turn their head from side to side, they can take a step forwards and backwards, but that is the extent of it.

This is symbolic of how many of us stand on what you could call ‘the 50 yard line of life’….. too afraid to reach for the goal in case we miss, too afraid to go too far in case we fail.   Many people (including me until the lightbulb went on) don’t easily seem to appreciate that we are literally keeping ourselves as prisoners in a cave due to holding an image within ourselves of the person we THINK we are, ought to be, should be, or who others tell us we are.

To the back of the prisoners, under the protection of the parapet are images casting their shadows on the wall in which the prisoners perceive their ‘reality’.

In front of the prisoners is a wall from which shadows are moving back and forth and from these shadows there are voices coming from them directly to the prisoners.

The shadows and voices are coming from one area of the cave. Behind these prisoners, there are people walking back and forth unaware of the prisoners in the cave.  They are people entering a passage in the cave, coming in from the ocean, carrying treasures. As they walk by a flaming fire, their shadows bounce off the wall of the cave and come back at the prisoners starring at the wall. As they speak, their voices travel and echo from the wall, so it would appear that the voices and shadows are real to the prisoners and they have no knowledge of what’s going on at the back of them.

As Socrates describes the cave and the situation of the prisoners, he conveys the point that the prisoners would be inherently mistaken as to what is this reality. This is an important development in the story because it shows us that what we perceive as real from birth is completely false, based on our imperfect interpretations of reality. The point up until here is that the general ‘meaning’ and ‘labels’ we put on the words and language we use of physical objects we see, are actually names of things which aren’t visible to us, and things we can only comprehend with our mind. This is the power of our ‘imagination’ as Plato describes.


One day, the chain break away from one of the prisoners at the end of the line and he looks up at a light coming in from above the cave.


All of us are motivated to move in the direction of a light – every single person is genetically built to GROW. Just in the same way a plant would grow in the direction of light, so do we.



This prisoner sees the light and moves in the direction of the light.

As he begins to move, don’t you think that there would be

some apprehension of some kind?

As he gets closer to the light he begins to see the entire spectrum of light to the point it almost blinds him and is overwhelming.

Again, being genetically built to move in the direction of light, he begins to climb.

As he begins to climb, don’t you think he’s going to feel some fear?

As he reaches the surface, he sees the clouds, the sky, the sun, grass and the entire beauty of the outside world and all it has to offer. Don’t you think he would now be in a state of wonder and amazement?

Do you think that what he once thought was real is not necessarily real and that maybe there was something else?

In other words, the way he was living and the results he was getting, or that he had, weren’t the ONLY results – don’t you think that suddenly now he realises there is something more he could possibly do, be or have?




As he begins to walk around, he comes to a lake and looks in and sees an image and runs away from the image? He saw the image of himself.


As he backtracks he stands at the entrance of the cave and hears the prisoners shout, “come back, we’ll offer you rewards to tell us what you see”.

Do you think the prisoner would be bothered about such rewards?

If he did go down and tell them what he saw, do you think they would believe him?

If he did go back down, don’t you think they would say, “Up you went, then you came down again, isn’t it better not to have gone up at all?”

The real danger is that you will never get from the underground den, or escape from a PRISON, unless you recognise that you’re in one.

PLATOSCAVE platos cave

Once the prisoner is released, he is forced to look upon the fire, and object that once dictated his perception of reality, and he realises that the images in front of him are now the accepted forms of reality.

Plato described the vision of the real truth to be ‘aching’ in the prisoner’s eyes and how they would naturally be inclined to go back and view what they have always seen as a pleasant and painless acceptance of the truth. This stage of thinking is a ‘belief’. The comfort of the ‘perceived’ and the fear of the ‘unrecognised’ outside world would result in a prisoner being forced to climb the cave and step outside into the bright sun, but once in full view of the sun’s rays, Socrates explains that the prisoners bewilderment, fear, and blindness to objects he now knows as real, means the prisoner could now recognise reflections and shadows.

freedom 1

Once out into the outside world, this is then perceived as a form of goodness and not long ago he was actually blind to this form of goodness and is now aware of new reality and new truth.

This, I believe represents a heightened level of understanding and the prisoner’s new awareness. With new awareness, the prisoner would rather suffer any fate than return to his previous life and understanding (or lack thereof). If he returned to the cave, the prisoner would metaphorically (and literally) enter a world of darkness again and would have to live with the other prisoners again.

Those prisoners would likely laugh at the released prisoner and ridicule him for moving out of the cave in the first place.

Others can’t understand something that they have yet to experience.

This also represents life, in my opinion – a journey we travel through and gain new understandings and perspectives as we go – the stages of thought and the progress of human development represent our own path to complete awareness. The story also represents a unique look at the ways in which reality plays such an important part in our own existence.

Genetically engineered to keep growing – the LAW of GROWTH

I love how I am growing every single day……

I love the imagery that stories and metaphors can bring with them new understanding and appreciation – so powerful.  Thank you Socrates and Plato !!

Week 7 – Feeling lost – Hanging on – Re-engage

hang on

I’m hanging on……

Yep! I can see very clearly where I sit on my journey.  It’s time for plotting some new co-ordinates on my compass, methinks!

change curve


Yep – I’m the one called ‘guilt’ ( but not for long ) – not on my watch !!

How did I not see this coming??


My old blueprint was desperately trying to pull me back to mediocrity – and I could feel the pull.  Something inside was shouting louder – telling me to keep pushing.  The power inside is growing, but I haven’t tapped into it as much this week and I know it’s the key to unlock my power.  Lesson learned.

I got mad with myself – I know this stuff – I help people to understand the emotional and psychological needs during times of change and I help them with strategies to use to take control during a change journey.  Yep – I still have lots to learn.

I know change can bring about all kinds of emotions but can also create all kinds of opportunities and possibilities.  I’m aware that I’ve definitely been at a transition point this week on my MKMMA journey.  My state had dropped. I haven’t done all my work, my old blueprint kicked back, my mind hasn’t been as focussed, I’ve given in to lesser activities.  guiltyI felt guilty.

So, I asked for help.  I contacted my mentor, Luc.  He gave me hope, renewed my perspective.  He renewed my hope and I am grateful Luc: I would like to share his wise words so that others can benefit too:
“First of all, congratulations for your honest request and your asking for help.

This is your higher self and your new blueprint which are at work, and this is a very good sign to me because it is a healthy reaction against your Old Blueprint which has designed a massive attack and has put you under siege!

Strengthen you faith in your higher self, RESIST and PERSIST!

Ok, I know, easier for me to say this than for you to do it…but…we all have our turn… and if you win without struggle, then you won’t be able to help a lot of other people later on.

There are MANY people who have great esteem for you 

By being in the MKMMA experience you are in the First League, and what you want (I suppose) is to help as many people as possible to also play in the First League when they will be ready; and you can only do this by staying yourself in the First League…

Here are a few suggestions that could help you to win this battle:

  • Recall to yourself the reasons why this MKMMA experience, your current hero’s journey is vital to you, why you decided to start it in the first place;
  • Fix a reasonable timeframe to bring you back at 100% of the tasks then define your priorities for all your MKMMA tasks;
  • SIT is by far the most important, followed by Og Mandino’s Scroll reading and DMP reading, then all the rest
  • About SIT, I always do it just before bed and when I get up in the morning, which allows me to take that time from my sleeping time (I learned this from an expert several years ago & it works!)
  • Spend a few minutes every day (5-10 minutes) on the Alliance and share your experience in just a few words, you are not alone in struggling and your experience could help many other members to win also; this will bring you a lot of energy in return

I know that only you can win the battle but you have a whole team with you ready to bring you support!

I believe in you.

Believe and persist”

THANK YOU LUC, you are a great mentor.
I contacted my friend Matthew Brun – he also gave me hope and told me to keep pushing.

I realised something very enlightening this week that when we are stretching, reaching and growing to new levels, it hurts, just like growing pains.  I’ve been coasting this week and it’s not what I had wanted to happen – it hurt.


The co-ordinates are being re-directed, the sailor is back at the helm, the course is back on track and I’m off on a hill walking weekend to revive and refresh my thoughts so I can be back with renewed passion and to finish what I started.


i love me

Week 6 – Is your RECEIVER in tune with the TRANSMITTER?


week 6


What is the state of your body within?

How is the state of your mind?

What wave-lengths and frequencies are you tuning into?

What intelligence are you receiving from the transmitter?

Are you maximising your full potential or accepting mediocrity?

My mind continues to be blown away with more and more pieces of information to make what I thought I already knew well, become even clearer.  I really feel like the frequencies are fine-tuning themselves to bring me the best results and outcomes.

This week, I decided to write about the most wonderful mechanism ever created which can literally create for ourselves tremendous health, strength, success, prosperity or any other result we care to imagine.  It is through our aspirations, dreams, hopes and desires, that when in harmony, and persistently applied, will accomplish the greatest of results in our lives.  The greatest saboteur is by having fixed and rigid ideas.

You’ve heard people say,”there’s something in the water, everything seems to be right” or “I’m on the right wave-length”.  When you are in the right ‘flow’ everything flows to you with ease, and the best part, is you are in control of the tuning button.



To be in tune with the best results we want in our lives, and to give us the very best of outcomes, we have to have harmony WITHIN first and in order to receive intelligence, the receiver must be in tune with the transmitter.

This metaphor speaks volumes to me.

Our thoughts are a product of our minds and our minds are creative, all intelligence and all substance – and we are literally tuning in to certain frequencies to create every result and outcome we have – WOW!

“What the heck are you talking about?” is the response most people give, without any care to question, get curious or to dispute.

I know that my brain was hard-wired from birth to question and dispute everything until I understood it, so the LEARNER in me never stops wanting to know more about this amazing mechanism which most people take for granted.


An Electrician will say the EFFECT of electricity is a form of motion and it’s effect will depend on the MECHANISM to which it is attached, which, in turn depends whether we have heat, light, power, music or any other power where the energy has been connected to.

What EFFECT is produced from THOUGHT?  


Thought….is MIND in MOTION and it’s effect depends on the mechanism to which it is attached.

So, all mental power depends completely on the mechanism we attach.

What the heck is the mechanism?

We all know the mechanisms that were invented by Edison and Bell, and other electrical geniuses but hardly anyone gives credit to the mechanism which we have all been given the ability of tuning into.

I have just completed a week’s intensive Strengths Coaching training and I now fully own, use, and appreciate my own strengths.  As ‘Learner’ is my top strength with ‘connectedness’ being second top, I am forever curious about quantum physics, the power of the mind, universal laws and omnipresent potential power which isn’t so easy to explain or understand because you can’t see this stuff but I know when I tune into the right frequencies, I can literally astound myself by the results that I get.  I give myself mini experiments to test out my theories and this week, I’ve had astonishing results.

I find it sad that … mostly, people are more concerned about physical ‘implements’ they can see, and try to understand how they work, the cars we drive, the computers we use, the mobile devices, electrical equipment, gadgets and utensils, yet most people are ignorant of the greatest piece of mechanism ever created, the brain of man.

The brain has been likened to an embryonic world, ready to develop at any time.  The Masterkeys is certainly developing this brain of mine!


Our nervous systems have been compared to an electrical circuit and our cells being the driving force, with white matter insulating the wires by which the currents are conveyed.  Through these channels, our every impulse, desires, dreams and hopes are carried through the mechanism.

I’ve tested it – it works!

The spinal cord is the MONITOR which acts as a sensory pathway carrying messages back and forth to and from the brain.

Blood supply bursts through our veins and arteries, renewing our energy and strength…..

All in all…..the perfect structures which our entire physical bodies rest, and, finally, our delicate skin holds the entire mechanism in place – how awesome is it to look at yourself in this way?

When we understand the mechanism which is within our control, we get back our power and we can get the results we desire.

This week has seen my mental house cleaning activities from last week get rid of redundant thoughts I’ve been hoarding which has opened new channels and has been attracting more business.

I have tuned into the right frequency and the radio channel is called Capital A-Mazing!!

Thank you MasterKey Mastermind Alliance.

Which channels are you tuning into?













Week 5 – Mental house-cleaning

week 5 blog

This week I have decided to write about mental house-cleaning based on the DO IT NOW philosophy that has already kicked in and beaten procrastination on it’s head.

Time to lever it up a notch.


In my brain, and over my life, I realise I have been steadily accumulating hoards of mental junk and rubbish in the form of thoughts and beliefs, and the opinions and views of others, which has fed my behaviour.

Thoughts become things.  We are what we think.

If we think we can, we can and if we think we can’t we cant – either way, we are right and attract those results to us.

Like many people, everywhere, I have been unconsciously creating hoards of rubbish in the closet of my mind, and it’s time to got rid! Period !

So this week, the Master keys gives a simple analogy of building a house to reflect this mental clear-out perfectly.  It comes at a time, when I see my daughter and her boyfriend building a home over the last year which is coming close to completion.  I have watched what dedicated and particular attention to detail that has gone into the build and what an awesome place this is going to be.

If we were all able to build our own dream homes, how careful would we be in the planning, the studying of every detail, selecting only the best materials and paying careful attention to the smallest of details in an attempt to get the best result possible. This is what I have been observing with my daughter, her boyfriend and the meticulous attention to detail in their new home.  It’s amazing and has taught me a new life lesson which I already knew but not always readily applied, consciously, until now.

As I continue to work with organisations and individuals in my Strengths coaching business, I see repeatedly over and over how careless we all can be when it comes to building our mental home, which is infinitely more important than any physical home, as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends on the character of the material which enters into the construction of our mental home.

The character of our mental material has been the result of impressions accumulated from the past and stored away in our subconscious mentality, hoarding and rotting.

Think about it……… if we are storing impressions (literally hoarding them), impressions of fear, worry, care, anxiety, self-pity, despair, frustration, anger, negative and doubtful thoughts, then the texture of the material which we are weaving into our lives today will give the results and outcomes in our lives of the same negative material.

Thoughts become things.


You know that feeling when you sometimes feel like your life is sinking further and further into a bog of negative influence.  It’s all around us, spurred on by the countless opinions of others.

This week, I have made a very conscious effort NOT to have an opinion – and HOW TOUGH has this been, but how rewarding a challenge it has been too.

Our thoughts, if left to become infested, will really only attract more of the same things we don’t want.

Time for a clear-out in the mind.


Let’s all give ourselves permission to get rid of the mental junk – and store NOTHING but courageous thoughts, full of optimism and positivity and immediately throw any kind of negative thought onto the scrap heap, refusing to have anything more to do with it and refusing the let the opinions and views of other’s negative conditioning affect us.

I now choose to refuse to associate with the mental rubbish (opinions) of others and refuse to become identified with it in any way so I am left with only the best material of any kind.

I will weave only the best materials (thoughts) and use the most vibrant colours, firm textures, solid materials that won’t ever fade, and I will eliminate any fears or anxieties concerning the future.  I will never need to cover anything or have any patches to hide.  I live my life with no regrets.  I am free to be me.

Sometimes we all need a mirror put up in front of us to realise how plain and simple some things really are.  I have been looking at this mirror for many years, but finally I can see it so very clearly.

I am now going to have a mental house-cleaning every day and I will keep my house clean.

As I do this, I have been experiencing more and more positive results coming into form and into my life and this last week has seen my business shift up another gear.


I have a grand home developing in the storehouse of my mind where only positive visitors are welcome.