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It didn’t take long for a private interview with Deborah Thompson to create quite a buzz and become a huge life-defining event and a pinnacle moment for her, where the accumulation of a life’s work was transforming lives and creating a legacy.  It also created quite a buzz at the Gallup office in London and the US as the company who played a huge part in Deborah’s journey.

John agreed to fly from the Czech Republic to London to interview Deborah privately before going live on his TV show.

The reason the interview was kept private was because even though, there was such a profound message to tell the world, Deborah had to be sure that Jan felt comfortable with her story and that it was good enough for the show.  Lots of famous people were being interviewed on this show and in Deborah’s words, “I really don’t like attention, and I don’t think I am anything special, but I know I am meant to share a message with the world and my purpose is to transform lives, but I really don’t want to waste anyone’s time”

It turns out that John is not only the highly respected influencer we know, with contacts all around the world, who only interviews famous people like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, David Hamilton, but also less famous people who have a dream and want to share how they have turned their dreams into a reality.

Jan had arranged for the interview to take place at the Gallup Office in London and asked Gallup for the very best reporter to conduct the interview.  You can imagine how I felt when I was asked to sit in on this interview?

So here I was at the Adelphi Building and I end up sitting in on this amazing interview.adelphi building

“Thank for having me Jan, I can remember sitting in on the training next to you and thinking how wonderful it would be to be interviewed on a TV show that you wanted to do” Deborah said

“I remember thinking I would love to achieve my dream and be interviewed with you one day, and I cannot believe here I am”.adelphi_1819259c
“It’s my absolute pleasure, and I can absolutely believe it and the reason I wanted to interview you was because I knew that you would achieve what you set out to do, and I wanted to hear how you did it.  I like interviewing famous people and ordinary people so that the world can see how dreams can become a reality”, replied John.

london eye


The room was comfortable and in an unusual setting with the interview chairs being in what appeared to be  a corridor between two arched windows, with the light beaming through the 12th floor.  I could see the London Eye out of the window, thinking, “what an incredible view, incredible location, building, interview and place to work”.  I could see the Thames and the light bouncing off the water and reflecting high up and almost felt like it was bouncing into the room, as if the water wanted to hear and reflect on the words that were being spoken.  There was a positive, vibrant and real energy in the room that day, of which words cannot describe.

gallup office
Upon arrival, we were greeted by a lovely lady called Irene who radiated positive energy and provided refreshments and everything we needed for the interview.

John said “what a beautiful day” and Deborah replied “maybe it’s everything connecting together for a life-transformational result?”

John commented, ” I remember the testimonial you gave Deborah on one of our training days back in October 2014, to describe your ‘connectedness’ talent and how ‘in tune’ you seemed to be with it, and I am going to ask you more about this and how your natural gifts and talents have assisted you in helping you achieve your dream”

“Well you and your presence had quite an impact on me too and I remember thinking the story you shared so openly about your own challenges, which made you feel so real, warm-hearted and genuine, that I just knew you were going to make your TV show a reality” Deborah said with a gentle smile and with a genuine heart-felt energy.

There was an energy in the room that day which you had to be there to feel and to witness for yourself to be able to describe.  I hope to get this across in words.

“I can remember giving you some feedback on one of the activities at the time, and after you gave your testimonial, I remember thinking this ‘connectedness’ talent was something I would love to have more of, but remember thinking, I just don’t ‘get it, and I remember you starting the conversation by telling the class……… you might not ‘connect’ with what I am about to say……..and I think I switched off, because I really didn’t think I had any ‘connectedness’ in me”, John said hunching his shoulders and a confused look on his face.

He went on to say… “It wasn’t until things started happening to me and my business and I could see things coming into form that I remembered your words when you said, how we are all connected and that we all need each other, but what really struck a chord for me was when you said, when we leave all the doors of our minds open to any and every possibility, it literally opens the doors for all opportunities, situations and people to come into your life, to help you when you need it most and to make you or your business grow.  That’s the main reason why I wanted to tap into what your ‘connectedness’ has done for you that has made you successful today.


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